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Privacy Policy

The end user agrees to the following privacy policy prior to using and during the time their account is active on WeNeverWalkAlone, hereinafter referred to as the “Platform”. The Platform consists of a web portal, mobile applications, social media channels and services related to the maintenance and operation of the same.

  1. Ownership: The Platform is owned and operated by Velan Solutions LLC, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”, which is registered in the state of IL and having office(s) in Schaumburg, IL.

  2. The Company does not solicit any personal information about its participating members over the website or mobile application. Instead, all participating member information is transmitted over secure email channels only. The Company corresponds with the Officers at an agency only over their department issued secure email address.

  3. All participating mental health professional applicant information is collected over an online web form. Any missing information not submitted along with the web application form is then collected over a secure email.

  4. None of the information collected (personal or otherwise) about the Platform’s participating members, agencies, and/or mental health professional applicants is shared with any third party group/individual/agency/affiliates. Information gathered is meant for exclusive use of our members behind a secure log-in mechanism.

  5. There are no ads or marketing content of any kind anywhere on the website or the mobile application of the Platform.

  6. The personal information provided by the member agencies are encrypted and stored securely on our servers. All communications to and from the server are secure and occur over HTTPS/TLS transport layer.

  7. The Company posts general information such as news items, training information, legislative updates, nutrition information, Officer wellness articles, Yoga/Meditation, etc., on its social media channels. None of the posted information is proprietary or confidential. There are no posts that reveal any personal information either about a specific Officer or a specific agency. All information posted on our social media channels are in the scope of public domain.

  8. As a strict confidential rule, the Company does not track any information related to registered user behavior. Hence, the Company does not have any data to answer any questions related to usage patterns such as, but not limited to (i) when did a particular user last sign-in to the Platform? (ii) how many times has a particular user signed into the Platform? (iii) what links has a particular user clicked (or tapped) on the Platform (iv) who has the user made calls to from within the mobile application or the website, etc., (v) as a department on the whole, how many times has the system been used in the last month or year, etc.

  9. The Company tracks the number of visits to our public pages of the site using Google Analytics (GTM). Public pages are those that don’t require user credentials to visit such as but not limited to the main page, frequently-asked-question page, Privacy Policy page, Terms of Use, mental health professional sign-up page, etc. We have no intention to use this information for marketing purposes or to sell to a third party. The data related to traffic volume is strictly used for our internal purposes to scale the infrastructure needs as needed to maintain reliable quality of service for our members. The Company does not track or monitor visits made to the website’s internal pages i.e no analytics is collected post login pages.

  10. Web-Caching: In cases where Officers access our Platform on common multi user systems - like a department computer that is open for all to use, then such a system may cache data about the sites the users visited on the system. This caching mechanism is not unique to our Platform. The Platform itself does not require users to save cookies on their browsers for proper operation. Such cached information may then be used by sites like Facebook, etc., to show ads relevant to Officer wellness and other topics/subjects that the Platform’s mission/vision is associated with. The Officers would not see a sponsored ad for the Platform itself on social media because the Company does not engage in paid or unpaid advertising endeavors on social media. Due to the sensitive nature of the Platform, we strongly recommend that Officers use their own devices such as mobile phones or personal laptops while accessing our Platform services to guarantee privacy and confidentiality. Situations where an Officer signs in on a common computer and forgets to sign out can be avoided if all users use their own personal devices.

  11. All the Company’s external resource documents that are made available behind the login page of the Platform and the mobile application are hosted on the Company’s cloud storage. As is everything behind the login, there is no tracking whatsoever as to what document an Officer accessed from the Company’s cloud storage.

  12. The Platform has links to external hotlines such as Copline, Safe-Call-Now, etc. These links are plain URLs to third party websites that provide valuable service for an Officer that has suicidal or homicidal tendencies. We absolutely do not add any UTM or tracking codes to our external links that enable the 3rd party sites to determine where the user is coming from. What the 3rd party tracks or does not track on their system when the user arrives there is not under our control and not in the scope of this Privacy Policy.

The above Privacy Policy are subject to change as the system matures. All current users would be notified of any changes in the Privacy Policy or Terms of Use via their registered email addresses and through their Command if the participating user is part of the member Law Enforcement agency.